Stephanie Harper

MA Glass


My glasswork is about moments of clarity and how a shift in perspective can foster new understanding.  Inspired by the sky and informed by my experiences flying in the military, I try to “unground” myself to allow space for new ways of thinking. This raises questions about what we can learn when we are able to extricate ourselves from the constructs that we place around our minds, allowing us to look at things from a 40,000-foot vantage point where the chaos starts to fall away and we can see clearly.

I work in glass because it is extremely versatile, but it has specific physical properties that must be respected in order to use it successfully. This satisfies both my logical and creative sides and I enjoy the balance of chaos versus control as I use water, motion and evaporation to create cloud forms that echo what happens in our atmosphere. 

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Stephanie Harper | Crafts 3
As Above, So Below
Stephanie Harper | Crafts 5
As Above, So Below (detail)
Stephanie Harper | Crafts 4
As Above, So Below (overhead)
Stephanie Harper | Crafts 2
Stephanie Harper | Crafts 1
Altitude (detail)
Stephanie Harper | Crafts
As Above, So Below (edge detail)