Sue Jessett

Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art & Design - Canterbury


My name is Sue Jessett and I am interested in exploring woven weaves on my table top 8 peg shaft wooden loom. I am particularly interested in the dialogue between human feelings and the things (textile) that humans make. I started my final major project (FMP) titled ‘Unraveling and Mending’ in experimental ways to show and connect the ideas of emotions through constructed textiles. Woven threads weaving together represent the elements of life which weave together and unravel. In my FMP weave unraveling and mending connect to human experiences and emotions, creating fabrics which are woven with delicacy and intricacy in areas but have layers, movement and fragmentation.

The extra weft weaves structure (in the middle of the fabric) represent the mending and weaving of different layers of life. The gold threads represent Kinstsugi -the Japanese art of mending with gold and mending objects being more beautiful than the unbroken original.

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Sue Jessett | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Unraveling and Mending