Tamika Thomas

BA (Hons) Fashion


The essence of my Final Major Project lies in the intersection of personal experience, mental health, and comfort. I drew inspiration from my own journey with mental health struggles as well as the support and refuge provided by close friends and family during difficult times. Through my collection, I aimed to acknowledge the challenges of mental health while celebrating the small moments of comfort that help us navigate through them.

The cultural and artistic references that informed my design thinking and project outcomes include a range of influences, from personal experiences to artists such as Tracy Emmings. Silhouette inspiration came from the way I would dress during days of unease in my own skin, resulting in large A-line silhouettes, comfortable warm soft fabrics, loose or drawstring waistbands to grow with my body, and chunky layering to stay warm. These clothes felt like a hug and provided a sense of comfort.

I took inspiration from the comfort that my close friends find from soft toys they have carried with them since birth. I wanted to include positive affirmations in my work and was inspired by Tracy Emmings’ slogan lettering included in some of her tapestries. Additionally, I found inspiration in bedding, duvets, quilts, and blankets that tend to give comfort in times of need.

The repetitive therapeutic technique of crocheting has helped me a lot in my journey, and I wanted to represent that in my work. The soft, tactile nature of wool was a key feature in my collection, adding to the sense of comfort and security that I aimed to convey.

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