Téa Breeze Harwood

BA (Hons) Textile Design / BA (Hons) Textiles for Fashion & Interiors


My inspiration for this collection of accessories is Beautifully Strange.  I wanted to look at objects that people perceive as ugly and find the beauty hidden within.  Mould was my main influence as it disgusts most of us, but when you immerse deeper there is a hidden beauty, an almost magical secret world beyond the surface.  I have taken the intricate detail of these magnified pictures and use this to create the embellishments on my accessories, mould lends itself so well to embellishments because of its delicacy and interesting forms. Ornately embellished clothes had a strong presence in Paris Fashion Week, and I can see my pieces in such an environment as they exude an opulent extravagance.

I also love to work with unconventional materials mainly recycled, dead stock or non-recycled items, this has featured throughout all my projects. As a designer I am very conscious of the amount of waste we amassed as humans and devastation the textiles industry has on the environment. For me we all have a responsibility to reuse and repurpose items, so it has a positive effect on the planet, and I truly believe this is the way forward in our industry and I will continue to work with planet positive companies throughout my career.

The combination of unconventional materials and intricate details of mould and made an interesting and unique collection of accessories for my final project.

Imagination, creativity, and innovation is all it takes to create a movement of change.

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Téa Breeze Harwood | Textiles 5
Embellished face accessory, inspired by Beautifully Strange.
Téa Breeze Harwood | Textiles 4
Cuff inspired by sea anomies using a combination of cable ties and feathers both which cannot be recycled.
Téa Breeze Harwood | Textiles 3
Brown mesh packing paper which has been embellished with recycled plastic tubes and beads.
Téa Breeze Harwood | Textiles 2
Knitted plastic bags which have been partly heat pressed and embellished on the heat press section with non - recycled materials, inspired by the detailed manifications of mould.
Téa Breeze Harwood | Textiles 1
Recycled yoghurt lid with pom pom's sewn on using monofilament, creating movement. Inspired by mould spores.
Téa Breeze Harwood | Textiles
Ring made from shoe packing foam and embellished with recycled papers, plastics and beads.