Terry Donaldson

MA Textiles


I am intrigued by the various forces which shape our fragile coastline, from slow geological and natural processes to the more recent influence of people.

A walk along the South West Coast Path from the Otter Estuary to West Bay reveals a remarkable diversity of colour in the rocks and muds which make up this coast. Representing deep time, they emphasise our insignificance, despite our very significant impact.

Hand-ground Jurassic Coast earth pigments, collected on walks, link directly to place. Despite their humble origins, these precious materials produce beautiful colours on cloth.

Textures and marks observed in the landscape inform print and stitch. Hand-made nets allude to the tension between our need to control the coastal environment and our essential interconnectedness with the natural world, linking back to the traditional skills and industries of this coast.



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Terry Donaldson | Textiles 7
Foxmould (detail)
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Terry Donaldson | Textiles 3
Otter (detail)
Terry Donaldson | Textiles 2
Greensand (detail)
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Chalk (detail)
Terry Donaldson | Textiles
Lias (detail)