Theo Dumitru

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


My work principally revolves around generating stories that are strongly driven by living and breathing characters – human, animal and more interestingly, supernatural non-humans! This showcase includes images from 3 separate projects, all which have started from designing their respective characters first!

Life can get too “boring” sometimes, could use some colourful peculiarness in it. My work would aim to blend a regular day in a human life with something like that!

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Theo Dumitru | Illustration
Tawanda and Cheryl, the T-Rex and the chicken in strident print colours
Theo Dumitru | Illustration 3
Stylised portrait, ink and watercolour
Theo Dumitru | Illustration 2
Cat named Blinky, digital
Theo Dumitru | Illustration 1
The Raven, version of the art cover for a proposed comic with the same title

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