Thomas Best

MA Fine Art - Farnham


A CAMPAIGN, along with much of what I have produced across my MA, was inspired by an enduring love of text artists like Jenny Holzer, and a creeping horror at the state of this capitalist dystopia that no longer feels compelled to hide its nightmarish visage.

The work is a series of short adverts intended for distribution on YouTube, a guerrilla effort to mimic the behaviours of one of capitalism’s most important tools. Each video is constructed from friendly and generic stock assets and is just short enough to come and go if the viewer isn’t paying full attention. The strange, unsettling messages juxtapose with the seemingly banal nature of the videos themselves to create a sense of the absurd.

The intent is to raise issues regarding the modern world’s lack of equality and the overwhelming attitude of apathy and impotence that seems to prevail as the planet dies around us.

A CAMPAIGN can be viewed here:

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Thomas Best | Fine Art 1
Screenshot from A CAMPAIGN
Thomas Best | Fine Art