Thomas White

Master of Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)


This is a manifesto for sonic urbanism at Manston airport. The project displays six central pavilions which carve out four radial territories around them. The pavilions will thus spark development once placed on-site, in the surrounding circular zones. The six pavilions three of which are illustrated throughout the thesis will then use sound to bring people to the site and weave existing communities together. The vacant void of Manston airport has disconnected the surrounding communities from each other, as it acts as an inaccessible zone in between them. The acoustic gateways re-link and neutralise the existing acoustic arenas to prepare for an entry into urbanism fuelled by sound. The carved out radius’s of conflicted sound then provide the footprints for un-developable areas on the edges of the site. Once on site the pavilions then act as the sonic adjudicators in the politics of sound. The pavilion then becomes the testbed for what should or should not be heard. This is then passed over to the inhabitant to decide through the many interactive sound factors of the pavilions, installations and future development that are housed on and around the site.

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Thomas White | Architecture 7
The Sonic Weaving Loom
Thomas White | Architecture 2
The Politics of Sound
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Acoustic Aberration
Thomas White | Architecture 6
Hydraulophonic Performance
Thomas White | Architecture 5
Peripheral Precipitation
Thomas White | Architecture 4
Autonomous Arena
Thomas White | Architecture 1
Autonomous Peregrination
Thomas White | Architecture
Aural Abstraction