Tianchao Yu

MA Architecture & MA Interior Design


Nature is neither an object nor an image. It is a diverse environment and space in which we have evolved and experienced thousands of years. It evolves with time and seasons; it is fragile and changeable and has the ability to comfort and disturb us. Our built environment increasingly controls and minimizes the natural world, so that we are physically and even psychologically separated from it.

Under the background of Brexit, the meaning of immersive natural space in DOVER was explored, and the conditions of urban cliffs were realized. The artificial buildings and natural features formed a strong contrast, turning them into precious spectacles worth admiring; the resulting architecture Integrate with nature in novel ways, and these proposals explore the problems of Dover’s mismanagement of natural resources, tourism, education, and other social services under the influence of negative politics.

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Tianchao Yu | Architecture 6
Cable Car Station
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The Background
Tianchao Yu | Architecture 5
Tianchao Yu | Architecture 4
Tianchao Yu | Architecture 2
Layout Plan-3F
Tianchao Yu | Architecture 1
Cantainer Recycle System
Tianchao Yu | Architecture