Tianli Zhao

MA Visual Communication


My work is a book design on the subject-Visual communication. Since it is what I studied from 2020 to 2021, I decided to do a visual-art collection book for explaining the definition of visual communication. This book contrasts with other normal academic books as it is more casual and easier to read. As the author of my book, I created 5 units for the book frame: Atmosphere, information, emotion, story and exposed art which is created by myself according to my visual experience.

In the first 4 parts, I shared 5 different types of visual-art works from different artists and designers to show that visual arts can convey different content. On all the work display pages, I handwrote some notes that inspired me when I saw their work.

I planned this to be a shared experience as I am the audience of these visual artworks, so are the readers, this means we can view and understand the content together. This process is also visual communication.

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Tianli Zhao | Graphic Design
Tianli Zhao | Graphic Design 3View pdf
Book front cover
Tianli Zhao | Graphic Design 2
Tianli Zhao | Graphic Design 1
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