Tiantian Sun

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


The analogy between the time of nature and the time of the human subconscious, between memory and imagination – my work deals with these subjects. I am primarily a painter, but during my studies I have expanded my practice to include screen printing, handmade books and more recently animation. In my opinion, becoming a multi-media artist helps me to engage with the world around me and to have a strong and curious engagement with things.

Sensory freedom – or freedom of perception and energy – is the feeling of energy that helps us to explore ourselves and return to the freedom of the body, beyond the most basic sensory perceptions of the body. Dreams are the product of private consciousness, but at the same time they resonate; when they reach a certain, they are able to connect with others, thus spreading self-consciousness and transforming it into public consciousness.

The painting ‘Reincarnation’ uses abstract language to express figurative consciousness, the bounded space (mirror) is infinite freedom (lawn). This painting is the condensation of my consciousness, it connects the dream world with reality, blurring the border the two. The pixel sense of the lawn is a digital world beyond the real, and the comparison between clear and blurred edges are exactly the boundary of the dream world, like a non-Newtonian fluid. Through traditional Chinese painting techniques, I aim to explore the connection between nature and human, dream and reality, through combining traditional Eastern imagery with Western abstract art, and to create a hazy dream world through the multi-layered vision of the whole installation and projection.

For the exhibition, I simulated a dream scene, using the concept of “Qi” in Chinese painting, which refers to the unceasing vitality of the natural universe, simply by leaving appropriate negative space to create a dynamic momentum in the room, and treating it as a dream world of nothingness. In an expressive sense, because the entire natural world is in motion, flow is easy to associate with. In nature, time flows and so does space. I write the visual language through soft fabrics, using projection, or light in other words, to obtain a dynamic formal beauty and an inner contextual beauty.

I hope that the viewer can explore themselves through the metaphorical dream world I create, to realize the freedom of mind, and finally to perceive consciousness and realize sensory freedom.

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Tiantian Sun | Fine Art 5
Tiantian Sun | Fine Art 4
Tiantian Sun | Fine Art 3
watercolor on paper, 18x26 cm, 2022
Tiantian Sun | Fine Art 2
watercolor on paper, 18x26 cm, 2022
Tiantian Sun | Fine Art 1
soft dreams, watercolor on paper, 19x15 cm, 2022
Tiantian Sun | Fine Art