Tiffany Tu

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


My practice is about the use of strings in wrapping to create a new surface.

As a mixed media artist interested in installation, sculpture, performance, and participatory art I emphasize my practice over the process, the human efforts, and the time in creating the artwork, or in other words —- the transformation of the simple repetition of linking a line from point to point forming the surface into a result of a complexity of work.

My practices involve joining one point to another through wrapping the medium of sewing threads; first over wire and cut paper chips to create delicate “chanhua” flower – practiced as a traditional jewel making technique from my home country Taiwan; to wrapping of wooden bricks as an extra layer of seal; then the experiment in wrapping an enclosed space with threads to the now wrapping of thread into a new surface.

The wrapping itself is the main element in my work, the continues use of threads to the point of execution and irritation and then back to wrapping strings again and again. Every emotion during creation is woven in into the web of line however extracted of emotions when seeing the artwork. The only product left is the different colour of threads covering the remains of the wrapped unknown object or the pealed off skin that has still some kind of remance towards its previous form.

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Tiffany Tu | Fine Art 6
Tiffany Tu | Fine Art 3
close up image of "shapes of color", 2022 , wrapped strings
Tiffany Tu | Fine Art 2
"Untitled, frames", 2022, thread on canvas
Tiffany Tu | Fine Art
close up image of "Untitled, frames", 2022, thread on canvas
Tiffany Tu | Fine Art 1
"Untitled, frames", 2022, thread on canvas