Tony Witton

Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art & Design - Canterbury


My work draws on three collections of digital images which respond to the concept of providing a narrative on place and how we navigate and relate to where we live. The images reflect a time of global and personal change when conventions governing places and people were set aside. Drawing on the work of Nicky Hirst, Helene Binet and Keri Smith, the disciplines of Psychogeography and Unitary Urbanism and the writing of novelist Sally Rooney, my work invites the viewer to take the time to look beyond the immediate and the obvious to find hidden beauty in the everyday and create a deeper experience within us of the places we inhabit and navigate. Using traditional printing and hand drawing techniques with ink and charcoal, laser cutting and 3D modelling I have created a series of visual representations which I have manipulated using digital software.

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