Triantafyllia Panagopoulou

Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art & Design - Epsom


During my time at UCA, I wanted to walk through different routes and work with different mediums (wood, clay, digital, drawing) before I realise my final outcome. The course gave me the chance to study techniques, change my mind, and then start again.

The Final Major Project was an opportunity for me to experiment with my interests through the 3D pathway. I always believed that nature and architecture are interconnected, and my focus was to explore ways of linking them together, as both appeals to me the most.

The impact of construction waste on the environment is concerning, but there are ways to build in a more environmentally friendly way, and there is so much we can benefit from biomimetics. Nature, through observation, provides answers to even the most complex of issues, and all we have to do is to open up.

For this FMP I researched the material of mycelium and how it can be incorporated into architecture as a building material that works great as a sound absorber. I was inspired by the different shapes of mushrooms and experimented with different mediums. My vision is to find ways to build green cities that do not look like cities at all; cities that offer less noise pollution, which is highly affecting our mental health. Cities with minimum CO2 emissions, which are negatively impacting both our environment and our wellbeing.

My main body of work consists of breathable forms and is a paradigm of an example advocating for greener and self-sustained urban areas. Some influence and inspiration have been gained by Chris Precht, Theaster Gates, Earthships by Michael Reynolds and Michael Pawlyn’s project on bio rock buildings.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to see more, here is a link to my website:

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Triantafyllia Panagopoulou | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
Adding fluidity in structures.
Triantafyllia Panagopoulou | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 4
Exploring mushrooms in architecture. Collage on photoshop as part of my FMP exploration and experimentation.
Triantafyllia Panagopoulou | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 3
Layering and drawing on top of my architectural structure. Exploring natural shapes for shading on public spaces. Lasercut on plywood.
Triantafyllia Panagopoulou | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
Top view of my Pavilion to enhance its patterns through the shadows. Also being playful with photoshop.
Triantafyllia Panagopoulou | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Architectural structure inspired by natural patterns and the shapes of mushrooms. A cylindrical residential building made of clay and featuring a green rooftop.