Tsz Yau Tsang

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My works are mainly personal, reflective and serene, and my inspirations usually come from daily life, particularly people around me such as my family and friends as well as personal experiences. I am interested in fine art, conceptual and street photography and most of the time, I use the digital single-lens reflex camera to capture and explore 35mm analogue photography for personal interests.

My current photographic project explores the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), which is a personality trait and the theme of my project discusses one’s mental health and self-identification. As an HSP myself, I have started this photographic project by creating self-portraitures, representing how an HSP reacts under different circumstances in daily life and the strengths of an HSP. I think self-portraiture is the most accurate way to present the trait, which includes my real-life experiences and feelings. During the research, I found that people easily misunderstand this trait. Therefore, I hope to raise the awareness of the general public of this trait and promote its benefits.

In the future, I aim to create works that can inspire audiences, and by gathering inspiration and observation from daily life, I hope to create work that is down-to-earth and spread positive impacts through my works.

Website: https://melotyphoto.wixsite.com/melodytsang
Instagram: @meloty.photo

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