Twinkle Guria

MA Fashion Design


The name of the brand is ART’1996. Which means the organic nature of the brand is developed from painting on canvas. The year 1996 is special because of two important reasons. The birth year of the designer and iconic fashion statements created in that year. “Art” is an important aspect of the brands identity as the prints created are based on surreal paintings created uniquely by the artist/designer.

The brands journey began unintentionally in 2014, where the artist/designer of ART’1996 first exhibited her Art collection in Mumbai. While exhibiting she got herself thinking as to how will people look wearing her art and that was the starting point of the brand. She got excited with this idea and started putting more thought into it. That was the first step towards the formation of the brand, it started with a thought, at the correct place and time.

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Twinkle Guria | Fashion 5
Name of the outfit- "THE EVIL LOVE"
Twinkle Guria | Fashion 4
Twinkle Guria | Fashion 3
Twinkle Guria | Fashion 2
Twinkle Guria | Fashion 1
Twinkle Guria | Fashion