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We all crave the child-like, yearning for innocence and simplicity, and these glazed clay characters are inspired by the toys I played with as a child. I use the interplay of the child and the adult recollection,  creating an unexpected tension. As I make, I am often taken back to cherished memories of an uncomplicated world full of innocence, unfettered imagination, and creativity. I hope to evoke nostalgic emotions in others, by momentarily opening a window to their own childhood full of wonder.

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TzuYuan Shen | Crafts 9
Toy Box
TzuYuan Shen | Crafts 8
let me be your lighter
TzuYuan Shen | Crafts 7
TzuYuan Shen | Crafts 6
my pillow
TzuYuan Shen | Crafts 5
let's go for a ride

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