Vaishnavi Shekhar

MA Fashion Design


Nostalgia is a recurring phenomenon of human subconscious, whether we reminisce over our childhood memories or we revisit memories that we cherish. In a fast paced, ever evolving world, there are moments which remind us of the past when technology was a luxury and we found solace playing all day in dirt, even in scorching heat. This collection explores the drawing parallels between the two distinct eras of India, Medieval and the twenty first century. It unfolds the story of evolution over the years with respect to lifestyle, culture and recreation and extracts similarities yet distinguishes them at the same time. This collection explores print designs and surface development inspired by parametric architecture while using eco engineered Polartec and OEKO TEX fabrics. It also focuses on creating utilitarian designs that can adapt to the changing weather dynamics and continue to improve garment utilitarian aspect for everyday life.

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Vaishnavi Shekhar | Fashion 5
Vaishnavi Shekhar | Fashion 4
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Vaishnavi Shekhar | Fashion

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