Vanshika Himatsingka

BA (Hons) Fashion Design


I am, by nature, curious about Fashion and consider fashion and style to be the highest form of Art, which is a non-stop state of evolution. A fascination for architecture and technology has been with me from the very beginning. I am also inspired by fluidity and the entangled art of movement, which I try to depict through my work.

For instance, ‘Shylight’, a luminous hanging sculpture created by Studio Drift, serves as a key inspiration for my graduate collection, which is a fascinating choreography that mimics the beauty of nature and that of real flowers. It is an object that feels alive because of unpredictable, natural-looking movements: it descends while blossoming in all its glory, only to subsequently close and retreat upward again. The underlying intention was to depict these movements and reflections mirroring the nyctinasty of real flowers.

Fabrics like two-toned organza and luxurious Lamè have been used to portray these delicate and natural-looking movements since they alter their colour and reflect in different light settings including delicate details.

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Vanshika Himatsingka | Fashion 7
Vanshika Himatsingka - BA (Hons) Fashion Design Portfolio
Vanshika Himatsingka | Fashion 12
Look 1
Vanshika Himatsingka | Fashion 11
Look 2
Vanshika Himatsingka | Fashion 10
Look 1 and Look 2: Close-Up
Vanshika Himatsingka | Fashion 9
Look 3: Close-Up
Vanshika Himatsingka | Fashion 8
Look 3

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