Vera Neokleous

MA Illustration


I’m Vera, a graphic designer and now illustrator form Cyprus! My work is comprised of a combination of digital and traditional illustrative pieces as well as graphic design. I find inspiration in many places, including history, mythology and pop culture, but nothing inspires me more than music.

Every time I work on something new, I put my best foot forward, but I also take the opportunity to teach myself something new, be it a technique or medium. I find the greatest solace in working with watercolours, but at the same time enjoy exploring the vast possibilities offered by digital painting and design. My ideal work position would be the opportunity to illustrate for many different clients across different media – because graphic design is everywhere, and so should be illustration!

You can find me on instagram @lonesome.bookworm and Deviantart at

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Vera Neokleous | Illustration 3
Vera Neokleous | Illustration 5
Vera Neokleous | Illustration 4
Vera Neokleous | Illustration 2
Vera Neokleous | Illustration 1
Vera Neokleous | Illustration