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The brand is named “Seven”. In Chinese culture, 7 is the sum of yin and yang and the five elements, which is the state of “harmony” in Confucianism. And 7 was a balanced and stable number in ancient China, and 7 is my brand name. It also represents the fusion of tradition and fashion in clothing, and the balance between humans and nature.

SEVEN hopes to show the diversity of Chinese culture and female power through garments.

Having been trapped in a cage without freedom, I am finally back in the mountains today. These two lines are from a poem by Tao Yuan Ming, a very famous Chinese poet. They describe the life and feelings of the poet after his retirement, and they also express the yearning for freedom and the natural life of people busy in the city chasing their dreams.
As the living space of ancient princes, nobles and literati, gardens formed the place where many social and cultural activities occurred in ancient times, which reflected and influenced the Chinese people’s outlook on life, the universe, lifestyle, value orientation and aesthetic taste. The intention in Chinese classical poetry and the composition and layout of trad巾onal painting can be displayed in the garden. Taking Jiangnan gardens as the beginning of the story gives each story a smooth Chinese taste, and also shows the gentle and firm character of Chinese girls represented by」iangnan women.

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