Vinay Kumar Sharma

MA Filmmaking


A psychological episode from the life of Raz who is going through Psychosis where he hears voices. These voices manipulate him to do things that he regrets. He finds himself in a cathedral while trying to catchup to a voice that is calling him. Will he able to confront that voice without getting distracted? Well the choice is YOURS.

IF is an Interactive Experience where the viewers choose the action of the main character. The viewers are the voices in the characters mind.

Coming from a Game Design background and enhancing my skills in Film Making this project is a combination of both.

The film is in the final stage of of post production, and here is the final trailer of the film.

For more details of my work please check out my Portfolio:

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Vinay Kumar Sharma | Film 13
Vinay Kumar Sharma | Film 7
A short trailer of the film
Vinay Kumar Sharma | Film 11
Snippet from the film
Vinay Kumar Sharma | Film 10
Snippet from the film
Vinay Kumar Sharma | Film 9
Behind the scenes with the actors
Vinay Kumar Sharma | Film 8
Snippet from the film