Wanlin Xu

MA Visual Communication


We all understand that more and more subcultures are emerging in today’s society, and looking back, I find that many of the comments people make about the Goth subculture are incorrect and negative. Many of the stereotypes stemmed from a lack of knowledge about them and the visual impact of the visuals. As I continued my research, I discovered that the Goth subculture also has a great influence on our lives. From the music scene to the clothing world, and even up to the spiritual level, I think it inspires people to look at the dark side, to give birth to hope out of despair and to find beauty out of the darkness. I ended up putting together a book by designing a book that contains information about the Goth subculture that was born out of music and eventually manifested in the appearance of clothing and make-up and continues to this day. It is a simple introduction to this subculture and I hope that the public will have a proper understanding of the Goth subculture and a simple understanding of it.

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Wanlin Xu | Graphic Design 5
Dark Energy
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What is goth subculture?
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Wanlin Xu | Graphic Design