Wanxi Kan

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


My artwork of degree show named Loneliness is a contemporary artist. It transforms people’s lonely state (virtual) into lonely space (real), and I create a lonely space and lonely corner.

This space is the embodiment of our mind. When visitors are in this lonely space, they can truly feel the loneliness brought to us by this space. This space has a makaron color system, which is very beautiful, and I use plaster to make a 3D effect, making them like delicious and sweet cream. However, they also look disgusting and messy. These contradictory adjectives appear in this work at the same time, but it doesn’t make people feel strange.

My original inspiration for this work came from my life. I often see my friends alone and drinking. I never drink, but when I’m lonely, I eat a lot of desserts alone. This is our different way of fighting loneliness. As we all know, always drinking and eating dessert can make us happy, but it is not good for our health. Isn’t this a kind of loneliness? Before I came to the UK, I made artworks with the theme of depression. Loneliness may lead to depression, but it is more common than depression. Loneliness can make us have more experience to think alone, which is positive. It can also make us sad and depressed, which is negative. The process of artistic creation is inseparable from loneliness. How to face loneliness is a problem faced by every artist. Every work of contemporary art is a lonely individual. How to reflect this not monotonous loneliness is something worth thinking about. I did research on the works of artist Karla black. The color of her works makes people feel happy but lonely, which is exactly the effect I want to achieve.

This artwork is more like my current state. How to correctly face the impact of loneliness is a problem that must be solved on my way to become an artist. I will continue to think and create artworks of the loneliness series.





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