Wen-Yi Yap

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


My book is about plastic pollution and the devastating consequences it has on animals. I wanted to teach young children how important it is to keep our planet clean, but not in a daunting and overwhelming way. I want to show children that recycling can be fun and rewarding. Disposing of waste responsibly helps the animals in the oceans, and keeps our planet tidy.

It’s important to raise awareness of environmental issues, and to teach young children something that matters greatly. If more people become aware, we can work together to make a change.

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Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration 6
Plastic Oceans - cover page
Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration 5View pdf
Plastic Oceans
Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration 4
The beautiful ocean
Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration 3
How plastic affects turtles
Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration 2
Animals that live in the ocean
Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration 1
How plastic affects seals
Wen-Yi Yap | Illustration
Animals in the ocean