Weronika Moldawan

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication / BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Farnham


“blue and other colours” is a set of picture book and a deck of cards, which purpose is to educate children in the early school age on the matter of mental health. The included illustrations present eight most common mental health issues in a purely visual way, introducing examples of characteristic behaviours of each disorder in an approachable way. Each chapter is based on a specific colour palette, which creates an atmosphere of experiencing given illness, enabling young audience to understand emotions and feelings associated with being affected by a specific state. The book also includes suggestions on ways of seeking help by containing contact information on British charities specialising in providing youth with wide range of mental health support.
The deck of cards is a memory game for children to memorise the information they gathered from the book so they can interact with the product more and fully understand the subject of mental health issues.
The project is a combination of illustration, editorial design and design for social impact, based purely on visual communication in youth education.

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Weronika Moldawan | Graphic Design 5
blue and other colours - book cover
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blue and other colours - book cover
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what is mental health?
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blue and other colours - deck of cards
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Weronika Moldawan | Graphic Design
eating disorders