Weronika Trzcinska

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Canterbury


The figures emerging from the abstract visuals are captured with a stillness that shifts and changes under prolonged observation. Within each of my paintings the shape simultaneously exists as one with the background of the painting through the repeated use of a limited colour palette while also being a distinguishable as the subject of the pieces. The figures transition between having their own autonomy within the work and retreating into their surrounding effortlessly. A atmosphere of becoming is present in the paintings, the captured process of being part of a much larger picture.

A sense of duality is a key theme present in my most recent paintings.

The making process also reflects this concept, the first half of creating the work consists of limitless possibilities and outcomes that can be achieved, with a use of randomness in the way paint is applied. However, as I add further brushstrokes the colours take over the blank canvas and a significant shift occurs, the process of painting transitions into finding gaps, looking for specific places and checking if the colours match and work complement each other. A much more methodical and thorough process emerges while creating my pieces.

My choice for the paintings not to have a conventional wooden frame has resulted in an alternative way of containing the pieces which was introduced as part of my making process. I embraced the raw edge of a canvas and began to consider that paintings can be tactile objects rather than passive visuals on the walls.


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Weronika Trzcinska | Fine Art 5
'Disintegration' detail view
Weronika Trzcinska | Fine Art 4
'Study of Figure Sitting I', 2022, Oil pastels on white cartridge paper, A3
Weronika Trzcinska | Fine Art 3
'Figure Huddled Study', 2022, Oil paint on canvas, 30 x 30 cm
Weronika Trzcinska | Fine Art 2
'Attachment', 2022, Oil paint on canvas, 200 x 190 cm
Weronika Trzcinska | Fine Art 1
'Disintegration', 2022, Oil paint on canvas, 200 x 190 cm
Weronika Trzcinska | Fine Art
Installation view of 'Attachment' and 'Disintegration', 2022