Wing Tung Ho

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Used Coffee Grounds: What can we do?

Coffee is a way of life for most of us. Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day by the world’s population. More than 381,000 tonnes of soggy, waste coffee grounds are produced each year. Less than 1% of this waste is recycled. Coffee grounds thrown away require at least 3 months to decompose, and people assumed it to have a little environmental impact since coffee is biodegradable.

Used Coffee Grounds exposes the aftermath of decomposing coffee grounds in landfills, which has generated the methane, harming the environment. Throughout the project, we explore the possibility of rethinking how we produce and consume coffee. It encourages caffeine lovers to bring the used coffee grounds alive once again. It promotes and suggests innovative ideas to recycle coffee grounds and prevent the release of greenhouse gases during decomposition.

To address waste coffee grounds, different methods and solutions are required at the international, regional, and municipal levels. This project experiments with multi-medium to convert waste into daily necessities. We are just at the beginning of a shift toward making materials that will help to mitigate or eliminate the environmental impact of single-use coffee grounds.

Will future generations be possible to manufacture used coffee grounds and claim that our society dealt with it in time to avoid environmental catastrophes?

It is never too late to save our planet and coffee.

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Wing Tung Ho | Illustration
Coffee Hipster (silkscreen on paper)
Wing Tung Ho | Illustration 1
What can we do with used coffee grounds?
Wing Tung Ho | Illustration 3
Minimalist Cafe (silkscreen on paper)
Wing Tung Ho | Illustration 2
Coffee Brewing (silkscreen on canvas bag)