Xiaoci Dai

MA Fine Art - Canterbury


The pregnant belly as a symbol of the waist pillow: a woman is materialized, as a fetal container, no body autonomy, and will always be sitting in a chair of the people oppressed.

The person sitting on the pillow symbolizes: the person who objectifies and exploits women for their own benefit and ultimately pushes to pass the abortion ban. People who think that childbirth is the responsibility of women, and point fingers at women from the perspective of morality and family. In life, the partners and family members are restricted as “wife” and “mother”, so that women’s efforts and labor are regarded as people they deserve.

Pregnant waist pillow represents the world’s existing mode of operation, with women as the main body of the reproductive value of the whole social system to support the dynamic mechanism. This is a chair that anyone can sit on, because the control and exploitation of women has always been a universal social phenomenon. But the baby in the pregnant woman’s belly is a pure labor before birth, a social screw. While the pregnant woman is squeezed as the waist pillow, the foetus in the belly is also under certain pressure.This means that the roles between the oppressor and the oppressed are unstable, each person’s identity establishes both the oppressor and the bearer before truly respecting others.

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