Xiaoxuan Qu

BA (Hons) Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)


A sustainable source of food_

The theme of my project is based on the issue of food waste and it will be transformed into a food education site with a restaurant. The building is a conversion into an educational site for food production and growing, enabling residents to grow their own food and forming a food exhibition space. Food waste is a very real issue in Tower Hamlets as people are completely removed from the process of growing food and do not understand the labor that goes into cultivating plants, resulting in waste becoming easy. People experiencing the growing process firsthand increase the community’s understanding of food and reduces unnecessary food waste.

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Xiaoxuan Qu | Architecture 5
Aerial view_Showcasing the outdoor atmosphere
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Environmental summary
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There are three main functional areas, the first being the greening part, which includes the greenhouse and indoor growing, and the rooftop growing, where people can experience growing and seeing even more plants for themselves. The second part is the learning base, which has an experiential kitchen, and a number of classrooms and lecture halls. This part is the restaurant with kitchen , where the kitchen ingredients are picked from the day's harvest and part of the leftover vegetables and fruits from the surrounding supermarkets. Avoiding unnecessary waste.
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The main aspect of the site analysis is the analysis of the various waste disposal stations around the site. We can see that most of these waste disposal stations deal with cardboard or bottles, But there are very few food recycling sites, or food banks Also this is surrounded by restaurants and some supermarkets, so this is a good location to recycle some of the fruit and vegetables of the day from the supermarkets to use in my restaurant here.
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AXO diagram
Xiaoxuan Qu | Architecture
Section with structural details