Xiaoyi Qiu

MA Graphic Design


The Tactile Book Project is an experimental study inspired by most of the existing children’s tactile books on the market. This is a tactile book for adults. The purpose of this project is to combine vision, touch, interaction, etc., to improve the user’s mood during the reading process. Therefore, brighter colours and simpler patterns are also used to give people a bright and active feeling.

The book is divided into five parts, using ultra-light clay, rubber bands, eps particles and other resilient materials to build five different interactive feelings of pressing, pulling, sliding, rebounding, and kneading. Embedding some warm and interesting text and images in the structure, while guiding the audience, produces a dialogue-like effect.

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Xiaoyi Qiu | Graphic Design 5
Tactile book - Xiaoyi Qiu - University for the Creative Arts
Xiaoyi Qiu | Graphic Design 4
If a smooth surface has a bump, do you choose to avoid it or follow it?
Xiaoyi Qiu | Graphic Design 3
Sometimes I tug at elastic cuffs to see how they look when they flatten out. What you can't see on your clothes, you can see here.
Xiaoyi Qiu | Graphic Design 2
I see the light through the curtains, I see the shadows on the ground, I see the sunset on the horizon, and you see me.
Xiaoyi Qiu | Graphic Design 1
Pull, spin, rebound, cross and twist between rubber bands. Try it, you can also make a little star that belongs to you :)
Xiaoyi Qiu | Graphic Design
I like the feeling of putting my hand in a rice bucket, and I now know why. They say it is similar to the high-density fluid that brings pressure to the hand and promotes the return of venous blood. Haha, it sounds like that.