Xingwei Li

MA Fashion Photography


Xingwei Li, She comes from China. She graduated from University for the Creative Arts majoring in fashion photography. Now she is a fashion photographer. She mainly photographs models and uses creative thinking to show what she wants to express.

She undergraduate major was pop singing, and because of that, she often takes music as her inspiration. She is really good at combining her feelings from music with photography to create a series of photos.

Many of her works express her own state of mind, and each work represents her own creation in a different period. You can get a sense of her heart from her photography. She is not stingy about revealing herself to the world, and she hopes to find people who can relate to her.

She believes that art is connected, and she also believe that her unique experience gives her photos a different soul. She will continue to explore the road of photography and shoot more and better works of art.


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Xingwei Li | Photography 5
Half sunlight, half moonlight.
Xingwei Li | Photography 4
An Escaped Troublemaker
Xingwei Li | Photography 3
Half sunlight, half moonlight.
Xingwei Li | Photography 2
Half sunlight, half moonlight.
Xingwei Li | Photography 1
Leave me alone
Xingwei Li | Photography
Bubbly Love