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Salted fish represents a bland attitude towards life in Chinese idioms. My theme is to take control of my life and my attitude towards life is to be a salted fish. Although my parents want me to be useful, I believe in the Chinese idiom salted fish turns over. To reflect this idea, I used fish as the main element. The form of the hair crown comes from the wooden fish, which is also a good example of my attitude of not caring about anyone or anything. I chose to use glass and wire to represent the scales of the fish and used the hanging and lying posture of the salted fish as the main design.

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Xinyue Hu | Crafts 5
Me. Salted Fish.
Xinyue Hu | Crafts 4
Fish Crown and Branch Pin
Xinyue Hu | Crafts 3
Fish Crown
Xinyue Hu | Crafts 2
Fish Finger Guard
Xinyue Hu | Crafts 1
Fish Earring
Xinyue Hu | Crafts
Hanging Fish

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