Xu Kang

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Xu is a brand dedicated to men’s street fashion, committed to bringing a distinctive and eye-catching clothing style to young and vibrant modern men. We firmly believe that fashion is not just about clothing; it’s a way to express personality and attitude.
Our brand ethos draws inspiration from the vibrancy and innovation of street culture. Each season’s collection represents our unique interpretation of fashion. The latest collection theme, “Real Me,” is inspired by the self-awareness and self-expression of contemporary urban men. Through this theme, we aim to convey a spirit of confifidence, authenticity, and fearlessness, encouraging everyone to bravely embrace their true selves.

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Xu Kang | Fashion
Real Me
Xu Kang | Fashion 5
Real Me
Xu Kang | Fashion 4
Real Me
Xu Kang | Fashion 3
Real Me
Xu Kang | Fashion 2
Real Me
Xu Kang | Fashion 1
Real Me

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