Ye Tang

MA Graphic Design


Nowadays all walks of life are considering a new order that is not centred on human beings, so what do the human beings who see themselves as the most important creatures in the world – ourselves – think of all this? As I want to inform you in this project, you are not here as an audience to understand what I am saying, I want you to have your own ideas about what I am trying to say (including understanding your own brain from various disciplines, learning through your own efforts, changing the way you process things and understand things, taking control of your brain and thinking more deeply about all the problems we encounter).

You are not here to visit, but to see yourselves and what you want through everything that I am trying to express.

Are we able to be sensitive to everything and to question the unquestioned?


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Ye Tang | Graphic Design 6
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Brain transfer mode
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Autobiographical memory
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Cognitive mechanisms
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e.g. Another perspective on the world
Ye Tang | Graphic Design
e.g. XinJiang Cotton