Yimeng Tang

MA Visual Communication


In the information age, people always directly and quickly receive messages from social media. In general, we get lots of benefits from it, which expands our views, makes more conversations, and brings us closer. However, too many messages from social media would promote stuff that happened and affect our thinking; meanwhile, it would limit our thoughts. Social media is not the only problem. People should change.

Therefore, people can’t just receive fragmental messages from social media. People need to think and believe what they do. I would like to encourage people to experience stuff around us and create something by ourselves, and then give different perspectives to the society and world.

The conversation through social media is kind of conveying. The single message vis these platforms convey to people who receive things they are willing to believe. Thus, people need to slow down to experience as well as understand the message.

This film is between social media and a kind of virtual world. It is that message that manipulates people’s words to show what social media want us to believe and influence our thoughts. What’s the most important is that message in the social media is always direct, which is always gives us an answer, but where the process is? Thus, the point in the film of the door is crucial, which is imaginative. It gives us more process so that we get more new experience which is worthy than just getting the result. Besides, the door also encourages people to explore everything around us.

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