Yiwen Zhou

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom


There are many children in China who are dyslexic but do not know it. They often feel frustrated and anxious about their dyslexia. For Chinese education, reading and comprehension can reflect a child’s learning ability. Because it is the most relevant nursing topic in my life, I rarely see people in China who care about this issue. There is some prejudice against such people, Chinese especially the parents of dyslexic children. Many people feel that they can’t understand, and even think that reading is because the child does not want to learn, because he is stupid. Dyslexia can lead to decreased comprehension. Many people with print disabilities are bothered by this. I want to find out what can help them, especially dyslexic children.

My design is designed to explore the problems of dyslexic children at the early learning Chinese. I analyzed the pathological mechanisms and writing characteristics of dyslexic patients. After the analysis, I decided to start from the characteristics of Chinese linguistics and sort out the Chinese information from the perspective of knowledge design, so as to mobilize the senses and imagination of patients, help them build a new font learning path, so that patients can understand and absorb the association between information graphics and fonts, and achieve the purpose of correction.The end result is presented in the form of a web design.

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Website Design: The Healing of Dyslexia
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