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Photography has been closely linked to technology since its inception, and its development cannot be separated from its impetus. Artificial Intelligence is just another technology that incorporates human creativity, and it also promotes a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges that Al technology brings in the field of photography, not only changing the way photographers work and create, but also triggering a discussion on the definition of photography and ethical boundaries, such as data privacy, creative copyrights, and so on. Therefore, we should not only be aware of the problems that Al technology may bring, but also apply it appropriately to realize the harmonious coexistence of technology and art in photography.

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Relying on AI can constrain people's thinking
Yongcai Chen | Photography 4
Artificial Intelligence Synthesized Images Are True or False
Yongcai Chen | Photography 3
Artificial Intelligence Violates Privacy and Security
Yongcai Chen | Photography 2
Massive electronic invasion of people in the age of artificial intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence for a better visual experience
Yongcai Chen | Photography
Artificial Intelligence for a better visual experience

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