You Rah Kang

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


I have lived in Republic of Korea for 22 years. South Korea has a very isolated culture because it is a peninsula and a divided country. Meeting refugees or people from other cultural backgrounds is quite special. Instead, Korea’s population exceeds 50 million. Coming to England from such a country, everything was new to me. One of the way I adapt to  new place is observing street fashion. While traveling and living various cities, I took pictures. Fashion represents the culture of the place. This is because fashion contains various information such as weather, age, and generation at the same time.

All pages of this book is printed in riso. Riso print is able to feel the texture of printing. Feeling the texture of printing means that it is an object that has undergone a special process, not the same thing that has been machine-printed. Thankfully, I was able to feel free to use riso printer in UCA, this work was able to come out into the world.

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