Yu Wang

MA Visual Communication


In the current Internet society where information flows freely, the phenomenon of “information cocoons” is becoming more and more prominent – a large amount of information is fed into the Internet, resulting in a large number of Internet users either becoming “silkworms” trapped in cocoons, only able to see the mu of land in front of them, or becoming lonely speakers trapped in secret chambers, only able to hear their own echoes.
In these information cocoons, whenever a hot social event occurs, individual views are usually replaced by group views, and many people give up on independent thinking, leading to biased public opinion and a series of group polarisation phenomena.
This project aims to present the information cocoon phenomenon in a visual and interactive way, using interactive images to express the information cocoon. It is hoped that this project will stimulate people to think about the way they think and the way they receive information.

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Yu Wang | Graphic Design 6
Yu Wang | Graphic Design
Yu Wang | Graphic Design 5
Interactive video
Yu Wang | Graphic Design 4
9 NFT s (Dynamic posters)
Yu Wang | Graphic Design 3
Static image display
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Static image display
Yu Wang | Graphic Design 1
Static image display