Yuyan Xia

MA Architecture & MA Interior Design


The Mind Quiet Space design project aims to comprehend a significant social issue, namely the oppressive metropolitan life and the noise annoyance that it brings. Through the surface use of sound and the distinction between various sound contrasts (when the installation is empty, an Arduino pressure sensor will control the music and the noise of daily life will automatically cycle; when someone enters the installation and touches the sensor, the music will change to the relaxing white noise of a natural forest), it demonstrates the anxiety and unease of urban life with the issues of the sound environment and the stress of the city. The installation was created in the anticipation that people will recognize these issues and take immediate action to fix them. People can briefly escape from tension and noise at the exhibit. Therefore, the project’s objectives include creating a serene mental harbor in a stressful metropolitan setting as well as using the transition between noise and white noise to symbolize people’s inner selves.

Along with being critical, the project also reflects the desire for a better life through components like wood installations and natural noises. Even if the effect is short-lived, the experience is lovely. The portrayal of urban stress and noise pollution in this project is not targeted at any specific demographic. Instead, it is a universal phenomenon that enables everyone who is extremely exhausted to let out their discomfort in the installation.

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Mind Quiet Space
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