Zayd Menk

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Farnham


Zayd Menk is an interdisciplinary artist, primarily working
within sculpture and installation. Menk’s practice attempts to dissect and reveal the imperceptible characteristics of the perpetually proliferating technological environment, its overall omnipresent force, and our social cultures attempting to cope with it.

Central conceptual underpinnings to his work examine a myriad of matters concerning the stains of technological progress.
The tangents are vast and innumerable—everything from; the questionable ethics in mining, the labour, the planned obsolescence, consumer agency and the right to repair, and the ecological impacts caused by its proliferation.

Menk use electronic waste as his primary material, creating landscapes,
satirical devices that perform arbitrary tasks, and interactive installations.

His Latest Piece “[4.0><_-” is the fourth major iteration of an evolving installation where he modifies and “fixes” defunct electronic
waste—adding, removing, and altering various components.


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