Zengsirui Wang

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Epsom


The After Submerged project aims to make everyone aware of the impact of global warming.

Context: As for environmental issues, the community of shared future for mankind is based on the view that there is only one planet for humankind. How can people in different countries realise the fact of global warming and work together to protect the environment?

Rationale: Sea levels rose at a rate of 1.5-2mm per year during the 20th century, as snow and glaciers on land melted and the water flowed into the oceans. The sea-level rise caused by global warming has been and will be a major disaster in coastal zones. The world’s sea level has risen by an average of about 12cm over the past 100 years. Around 2100, sea levels will rise by one meter. If no protective measures are taken, many coastal cities will be submerged. Many world-famous cities located on it, such as New York, London, Tokyo, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on, will be submerged. Some low-lying island states in the South Pacific and Indian oceans will be semi-submerged.

Methods: The project is taking the form of curated exhibitions and various promotional items.

Audience: The audience will be people of all ages who are concerned about or want to do something about the environment. (For the online campaign, the audience is 14-40 years old) People from the UK, Japan and China.

More about me: https://zengsiruiwang.wixsite.com/portfolio

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Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design 6
What will our world look like in 100 years as the iceberg continues to melt?
Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design
The video simulates the effect of a melting iceberg, freezing the map into the ice ball. As the ice melts, the water level rises and the candles go out to represent the city's submersion.
Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design 4
A poster for the exhibition
Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design 5
Exhibition indicate
Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design 3
The ice melted and revealed the map
Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design 2
The ice melted and revealed the map
Zengsirui Wang | Graphic Design 1
The ice melted and revealed the map