Zhi Yi Li

BA (Hons) Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery, Metalwork


“Synesthesia of Bipolar Disorder” by Li Zhi Yi, 2021.
My theme for this project is synesthesia. I started this research on the basis of the paintings I created while listing to music. Since I was a child, when I heard the efficiency of music, I always had a variety of lines, patterns and colour combinations in my mind. When you meet new friends, you will see the colour, when you hear people’s name, and the taste of the name will appear in your mouth. It’s like when I hear “Edward”, I taste cherry syrup. When I think of my sister’s Li Siayo, I smell light blue and lavender. I taste milk chocolate, black tea and smell sandalwood when I think of my friend Hung Li Tzu. These are the sensory experiences that I encounter as a person with synesthesia. My goal is to become a conceptual jewellery designer. For me, I can’t explain why I experience these sensations, the only thing I can do is to record it, and visualise the information I gather into forms to let people experience them.

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