Ziqiao Wen

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication / BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Farnham


From my research, I have found that with all the pressures of the modern environment such as social media, some people feel that their bodies are not perfect and become anxious. This body anxiety haunts them and affects their physical and mental health. So I created an extraordinary clothing brand to encourage people not to have body anxiety.

Firstly, I created a complete brand identity that is reflected in the packaging, peripheral and t-shirt designs and so on, and the brand offers a more comprehensive range of sizes for different body types. In addition to this, my highlight was the brand posters, where I made four different sets of posters using visual language and graphics about body anxiety, with the aim of making people reflect and encouraging them to become confident. My work gave them some positive encouragement, both physically and psychologically, to help people think positively about body anxiety. Finally through my work I would like to say, “Don’t be afraid of body anxiety, please be confident.”

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Ziqiao Wen | Graphic Design 6
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Ziqiao Wen | Graphic Design 4
Series 1 - Black and White Posters: The poster is from the brand's Black and White collection and my design features a bold black on white with red accents colour scheme that reminds people that every body type should be confident and worthy of respect.
Ziqiao Wen | Graphic Design 3
It is a three-dimensional sign of our brand, which reflects my brand image more vividly.
Ziqiao Wen | Graphic Design 2
Series 2 - fruit Poster: This pear poster is from the brand's fruit collection and I have likened the different body types to similarly shaped fruits with warm words that also emphasise what our brand is all about - every body is beautiful.
Ziqiao Wen | Graphic Design 1
Series 4 - The Perfect Girl :This series of posters uses a colourful gradient of colours to show that girls can be diverse and undefined, and the lines and elements that wrap around to show freedom embody our brand slogan, by freedom be yourself.
Ziqiao Wen | Graphic Design
It's a social media promotion for our brand that not only promotes the brand better, but also calls attention to the issue of body anxiety.