Zoë Mallottides

BA (Hons) Fashion Design


My collection concept originated from delving into my cultural heritage, linking back to my Greek Cypriot and Danish roots. My initial inspiration comes from research into national dress and traditional costume, whilst further historical exploration into ancient Greece and Viking history led to development of my key fabric choices and fabric manipulation techniques – those being upholstery, leather and fake fur, as well as use of draping and tucks. Investigation into the mythological side of these cultures, Danish fairy and folk tales, and both Greek and Norse mythology, allowed me to incorporate a slightly whimsical twist to my collection, using these ideas to influence print development for digital and silk screen printing. Throughout creating my collection I have tried to be as sustainable as possible, and this also influenced certain choices within my collection, such as the use of fabric remnants and patchwork. Every aspect of my collection and where I am sourcing my materials from has been considered and noted so that I can be as transparent as possible.

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