About UCA Showcases

Every year, we have the privilege of sharing the incredible work our graduating students have created using the skills, experience, knowledge and ideas they have developed during their time with us, across disciplines from Architecture and Crafts to Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art, Photography, Film, Media, the Performing Arts and Creative Business.

Time and again, they show us their determination to find new ways to connect with and explore the world – using their creative talents to make work that solves problems, tackles wrongs, and changes both lives and perspectives. And this year – despite its unique challenges – has proven no exception.

On each and every one of their individual creative journeys, our graduates have surprised themselves, dug deep and found the grit and flexibility to thrive creatively. It’s been a joy to see them discover their unique voices, passions and capabilities, and emerge ready to take the world by storm.

If this is what the class of 2021 is capable of already, we can’t wait to see what they achieve in the future. We think you’ll agree that the creative sector is lucky to be gaining them, and its future looks brighter than ever.

Kate Lane | Textiles 4