Adrian Hamilton-Lee



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instagram: adrian.l_photography


This project looks at the complex nature of identity both on a personal level and on a wider scale. it looks at how people perform and display their identity in a variety of particular ways. it looks at the fundamental variables and how they alter this performance, showing the way that the smaller parts of identity come together and how that coming together can be altered.

In particular it focuses on gender identity. The artist is genderfluid meaning they experience and resonate with different parts of the gender spectrum depending on the environment and audience they are performing their identity to.

Adrian Hamilton-Lee | Photography 6
all april - while these personalities are the same person they are seperate. combining them causes chaos
adrian Hamilton-lee | Photography
Adrian Hamilton-Lee | Photography 5
April flowers – She represents my experience of the most feminine end of the gender spectrum. Being on the more feminine side of the spectrum she enjoys everything "girly"
Adrian Hamilton-Lee | Photography 4
ΔPRIL - the music we listen to is a fundamental part of who we are. ΔPRIL and her love of BΔSTILLE are my way of representing that
Adrian Hamilton-Lee | Photography 3
11april02 - she loves people. time with friends socialising is time well spent. making memories and building upon those communities that make people who they are
Adrian Hamilton-Lee | Photography 2
u/[redacted] - everyone has a darker side. a hidden secret or two. the bits of identity they only perform alone or anonymously
Adrian Hamilton-Lee | Photography 1
winter - representing the hobbies and interessts that a person values winter is a warrior battling monsters with dice
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