Alex Lama

Pre-degree & Foundation Studies


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Nepal, like many other countries, has been grappling with gender issues for decades due to the patriarchal society where gender roles are deeply ingrained in the culture. In terms of clothing, Nepali traditional wear reinforces gender stereotypes and norms which arguably perpetuates discrimination and inequality. With these posters, I wanted to challenge the traditional views with regards of clothing and bring the Nepali wear into a modern/western context, creating/blending unisex garments and pieces, further aiming to show how subverting from these norms can promote equality and individual expression.

From photoshoots of cross dressing Nepali wear, to experimentations of cyanotype prints onto fabrics with those photos, to bleaching designs onto shirts, I explored a multitude of ways of visually communicating my message.

With my slogan, ‘Progression Over Tradition’,I wanted to highlight the conflict between staying true to the cultural beliefs that have been brought down from generations upon generations, versus creating new ideas and adapting to new societal changes. I incorporated the shape of Nepal’s national flower, the rhododesndron arboretum to further connote the idea of equality. I aimed for my message to focus on acceptance, progressiveness and the evolution of fashion that Nepali culture is in need of.

Alex Lama | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 2
Alex Lama | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies 1
Alex Lama | Pre-degree & Foundation Studies
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