Ana Jácome

MA Ceramics


I developed using clay less as a medium to shape a form in the traditional sense, more of a material in its own right. To see clay as having its own precious value and personality rather than as just another material we humans can use for our own ends.

Mixing clay with water, I felt inspired to use clay as a paint.  It was here that the visual element aspect of my practical work connected with the motif of circles which I had developed through reflecting on the themes of sustainability, circular economies, recycling, the cycle of life, wholeness and community.

Ana Jácome | Crafts 11
Piece No 09. Porcelain slip.
Ana Jácome | Crafts 10
Piece No 01. Buff smooth slip & black bole clay.
Ana Jácome | Crafts 9
Piece No 03. Porcelain slip.
Ana Jácome | Crafts 8
Piece No 05. Terracotta & porcelain slip.
Ana Jácome | Crafts 7
Piece No 06. Porcelain, buff smooth terracotta slip.
Ana Jácome | Crafts 6
Piece No 08. Terracotta & porcelain slip.
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